Weekly photo challenge – Family


This is about the only photo I can find of my family all together.

It was taken on the top of the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, on the 11th October 2010, T’s 65th birthday.

L-R: Jasper (dog), T (hubby) Little Sal (dog), Louis (grandson), Debs (daughter), Michelle (daughter – Louis’ mum), Robindog (Michelles old dog).

IMG_0003This is my mum at seventy, and my dad at seventy nine.

Taken September 1999 in the back garden of their house, a few weeks later my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died  27th January 2000.

My mum, who has suffered with ill health for over a year, is now a frail old lady weighing 32.5kg. She is totally unrecognisable from this photo.

IMGHere is another family photo. L-R my mum, myself and my maternal grandma (nanny) taken by my grandad. He labelled it ‘three peas in a pod’

14 comments on “Weekly photo challenge – Family”

  1. Great collection and progression of family photos 🙂 The ‘three peas in a pod’ is priceless, and I’m so glad you included it, and yourself. So many times our photos include everyone but ourselves. Of course the first photo with the dogs is what I would expect as a classic family photo from you. The photo of your parents is lovely, and a great momento to have of them both together looking happy and well. Photos are like islands in time. When I look at my own photographic history, sometimes I’m surprised at how much has happened, how much time has passed, when they seem to have been taken a blink of an eye ago.

    • Thanks ED 🙂 Ive always liked the ‘peas’ photo. Lol, you know me well with your comments to the main photo, a family photo is not complete without my dogs. When I uploaded my parents and the ‘peas’ photos, I did think so how fast life moves on.


  2. Photos are such a wondrful way to rember the past, both the good and the bad. This is a lovly collection and I really like the pic of the family with the dogs. Your mom and dad looked like a lovely couple. It’s too bad that your mother’s health is now the pits.

    • Thank you Yvonne 🙂 I love looking back at old photos, they do trigger so many memories, happy and sad. I love the pic of my mum and dad, and it the last one I have of them both together…a happy/sad photo.


  3. I remember that top photo from somewhere before, it’s the one that threw me about who was Louis’ mum! Love the expression on Jasp’s and Robindog’s faces, and even LS is looking up to Tony although you can’t see her face.

    Isn’t your mum glam at 70? And doesn’t look remotely like 70 either. Amazing that your dad was ill at that point, as he looks fine too. I take it that was Cindy’s predecessor?

    And the three peas is classic. Your mum reminds me of mine on that photo. Probably the similar hair style, and even the eyebrows too.

    Did you expect blue or green for this one? Beige must be the new mustard/grey ….

    • Yes, I seem to remember you commenting about that before, but I couldn’t find where I’d uploaded it to, so thought I must have imagined it 😀

      Mum never did look her age, but she’s certainly making up for it now 😦 as for dad, he didn’t look any different the day he died, which made it harder to believe he was ill.

      Did you notice mum and me in the ‘peas’ photo have the same jimjams on? A sign of the times when mum made all our clothes.


      • I thought it was an early blog post on vicpics? I don’t know whether mine looked her age or not, I would have guess yes, but the lack of grey hair can be quite disconcerting in guessing someone’s age. Hence A being accused of ‘cradle snatching’ (and I’m 50+!) or having a younger Spanish girlfriend. Anyway, I’m off topic, but hair is an interesting one, perhaps I will write about it. But the three of you all look quite dark on the pea pod pic. I did and I didn’t notice. You looked to be blurring into your mum, but I didn’t realise it was the matching fabric.
        I used to love crawling into bed with my grandma. Mum and dad would go to work on Fri and Sat, and I would run into her room (when she lived with us) and dive into bed. So nice.

        • I thought I’d blogged it on Vicspics too, but I did a search for ‘family’ and ‘Malverns’, I also looked rather briefly I must add, through the pages and pages of pics, without finding it, which made me think I must have dreamt it 😕
          Yes, hair/age would make an interesting blog 🙂

    • I forgot to add, Yes, I was very surprised to see beige, I did expect blue or green, so did the beige come from the path or Jasper.
      We need P&K to answer that 😉

      • that would be me. 🙂
        i was mia earlier. this didn’t come up on my reader, so i am glad i came looking. what is up with DT? i have to smile. this colour reminds me of a recent post over at everpicturetellsone. and not too unlike my post on juxtaposition last week. i think it’s a tan/taupe/beige phase that DT had for awhile. although it seems to be persuaded easily enough to revert back to grey. 🙂

  4. Nice to see your Mum looking so lovely, before the illness. You’ll need to hang on to that memory.

  5. what a great photo your main image is. enjoyed the entire post. that ‘three peas in a pod’ is especially delightful. all three of you seem to have the same smile.
    and your parents both look so well in that photo. kind of reminds me of my Dad, too. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about half a year before he passed away. up until then he was enjoying an active retirement on a hobby farm, so proud of his chickens and the eggs they produced.
    photos are wonderful inventions, aren’t they. they help keep the stories and the memories alive.

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