Whiskey the cat

By: Vicky

Dec 06 2013

Category: Cat, photography


At the request of Timmy the cat, here is Whiskey.

Whiskey was the first of the many animals who I have shared my home with during my married life.

Both my daughters had been pestering that they wanted a pet, and as I had been brought up with pets during my childhood, who was I to say no…..Β I’m afraid T didn’t get a say in the matter.

Seeing an advert in the local newsagents, kittens free to good home we popped along to the nearby house to choose one.

The girls chose the name Whiskey, because for such a tiny kitten, she had massive whiskers.

I don’t have any early kitten photos of her, in fact for some strange reason I don’t have many photos of her at all.

Anyway, Whiskey was a total snob cat.

If any human dare to stroke her fur, she would immediately wash the grubby human scent from her coat, stick her nose in the air and glare with those big green eyes at the offending hand. Try a second stroke, and a paw would be lifted, along with a low throaty growl, warning that she had no desire to wash her coat again.

Occasionally, and on her terms only, we’d be allowed to fuss her, when she’d purr happily, until she’d had enough, which is when we’d get the raised paw again.

When Ben came along a few years later, he was totally freaked out by her.

He’d freeze as she walk underneath him, dragging her tail along his chest as she did.

Unknown to him, she’d lie in wait behind the settee ready to rugby tackle his back legs as he wandered past.

He tried his best to befriend her, but you could see it in her eyes……. how could those humans bring a dog into MY house?


This photo was staged. Whiskey was already on the chair, I put Ben beside her, knowing she would NOT give her seat up, and managed to grab a quick snap before Ben decided it wasn’t a safe place to be.


Here are two more photos of her.

She was seventeen when she walked out one evening and never came back.

We searched frantically over the next few weeks, but came to the conclusion she knew it was her time, and had done what a I understand is quite common for a cat to do.


16 comments on “Whiskey the cat”

  1. What lovely green eyes, I am a sucker for green eyes. I thought it was whiskey as in the drink ….

    And that photo of Ben is sooooo cute. The girls must have been in their 20s when Whiskey walked out. Elephants do that too don’t they? Bit distressing for you though searching and looking for her to no avail. She could have left a note.

    • She was going to be called whiskers, but whiskey was easier to call. If it was after the drink, she have been called Single Malt πŸ˜‰ Ben would be about 6 months old there. We had all the neighbours search their gardens, sheds, garages etc, but she’d vanished.


      • The calling names are funny aren’t they? A y at the end of a two syllable name is good, like Snowy. Or even Snoweeeeeee. There is a dogblog with a dog, maybe a collie ? called Islay, which would be one of my choices. Jura would be OK too. Bunnaha – I can never spell it – would be a mouthful though. Caol Ila would be nice too. They sound a lot more exotic than San Miguel and Cava πŸ˜€

        • I’m hopeless at choosing names, in fact, it’s the girls who’ve chosen all of them, except Harry, Sally and Jasper who kept their rescue names.


  2. aw, enjoyed this Vicky. what a beauty Whiskey was, and quite the character. such expressive eyes, and so many whiskers! i thought Timmy was the champion of whiskers, but i guess he’s just moved to second place πŸ™‚
    her body language with Ben beside her is really obvious in the enlarged view: what are you doing in my chair?!
    how awful that must have been for you all as you were looking for her. i have heard of some cats doing that, too, when the time comes.
    i don’t have many photos of my earlier pets. there were two cats which were never even photographed, can you believe it. Timmy’s predecessor has left a few photos behind. Timmy is making up for the lack of cat photos in my archives very quickly, though. πŸ™‚
    those last two pictures of Whiskey are lovely. so regal-looking she was! thanks again for posting this!

    • Yes, I did think Timmy was a good contender for the longest whiskers πŸ™‚ She was a unusual character, she’d glare at anyone who came into the house. She was a total snob, if animals can be.


  3. and of course i have to say something, too. thank you for posting this Vicky, and for telling Whiskey’s stories. is she the one who caused your Christmas tree to crash?
    I noticed that she has triggered the same coloured background that appear on my guest posts πŸ™‚

    • Yes Timmy, she is the one who thought the Christmas tree looked a good place to watch the world go by from.
      She wasn’t phased by it crashing though, just jumped back and glared her glare πŸ™‚

  4. How wonderful Whiskey graced your lives with her presence. Despite her stern demeanour, she must have been very happy, otherwise she’s have found somewhere better… Heartbreaking to lose her after 17 years, no matter the circumstances. My Baddy was 17 when she passed as well – which shattered me but worse if she had taken herself off – I think I would never believe she had gone. She, Jack and Bo are still in my dreams. The first pic of gorgeous Whiskey is now the background on my PC πŸ™‚

    • Oh ED, I am honoured you have chosen the pic for your PC background. If you think the full size (although only scanned) would be better, let me know πŸ™‚

      It took me quite a while to realise she wasn’t coming back, even though she’d never stopped out over night, I lived in hope someone had found her, taken her in and she’d come wandering back soon 😦

  5. What a beaut she was! sorry you lost her.

    • I knew she was getting old, and wouldn’t be with us for much longer, but it was very distressing not knowing what had happened, each day we expected her to appear, it took ages to come to terms that she wasn’t coming back

      • The same happened with Leon. He was my first cat over here in England. We used to sit on the sofa together eating cheese and onion crisps… He ate one for every one I ate! I’ll never forget him. It was good for me because I was only eating half as many that way. lol. Then he disappeared and my heart broke. Even years later, I still hoped he would walk through the door, or I’d look for him when I was out and about. idk. I rarely eat crisps now.

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