Weekly photo Challenge – Eerie

By: Vicky

Nov 02 2013

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Category: Eerie, photography, Weekly Photo Challenge


Focal Length:7.40625mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This photo was taken at the top of Bredon Hill, Worcestershire in November 2005.

It was a miserable foggy day at home and I was getting fed up with local walks, so I popped Harry in the car and drove to nearby Bredon Hill.

Parking my motor at the foot of the hill, we set off through the fog.

On reaching the top, the scene that greeted me, was a sight that will stay with me forever.

Here I was, standing in the sun, under a beautiful blue sky, with an eerie silence everywhere. I actually felt as though I had walked into another dimension.

The fog which I had just emerged from, filled the whole valley as far as the Malvern Hills in the distance, and resembled a turbulent sea.

I spent a good couple of hours up there in total awe of the view, only deciding I’d better make my way home when the sun started to go down.

I found out later that the fog had not lifted all day at home.

Another photo from the same day I posted under last year’s silhouette category.

18 comments on “Weekly photo Challenge – Eerie”

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  2. Those are clouds right?

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  4. Wow, it does look like an altogether different landscape carved out of cloud. To be there would have been very otherworldly. It’s amazing how fog subdues the world into silence, as if anything is afraid to make a noise in it’s presence, and what does, is stifled.

    • Your comment about ‘the edges of our worlds shimmer’ on a recent post of mine, was quite dominant in my mind as I posted this photo.
      It would be wonderful to witness it once more, but if it was a common sight, it wouldn’t have left such an imprint on me.

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  9. Cracking photo V, and it does indeed look like the sea. Bit like standing at Scarborough castle and looking down at the north sea on a stormy day. I like fog and mist because of their spooky and eerie effects.

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  11. what a great mood here. there is something about fog, isn’t there?
    returning from Vancouver Island’s west coast, we drove over several mountain passes on our eastward journey to the ferry to get back home. every time we were up high, we drove in brilliant sunshine similar to what you have here. yet as soon as the elevation dropped to a certain level, we were enveloped in that silent, misty fog again. quite something.
    thanks for sharing your day in the sun.

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