Wishful Thinking!

By: Vicky

Sep 21 2013


Category: Dogs


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

West Runton, Norfolk. Aug 2013

A couple of weeks ago we revisited the Laburnum Holiday Park at West Runton.
We had good weather and walking the same walks, the holiday was almost a replica of the happy time we spent there last year, apart from there was something sadly missing.

I took myself down onto the beach one evening mainly to take some pics of the sunset, leaving T in the motorhome with Sal, and Cindy (my mums Dog).
Even though I was, I know I wasn’t alone.

8 comments on “Wishful Thinking!”

  1. aw, good old Jasp. i am sure he’s left a J-sized gap wherever you turn and return…. our beasties have a way of doing that. it simply shows what a big part of our life they really were. do take care. Timmy sends his purrs.

  2. No, you weren’t alone. They never leave you. And every now and then the edges of our worlds shimmer and it is as it once was, and will forever be.

    • Aww ED what a lovely way you have with words, thank you 🙂

      I had a similar experience while in Scotland when Harry left, I also wondered then if it was just wishful thinking, but I’m sure you are right.
      On both occasions I was on a beach, somewhere I’ve always found easy to totally open my mind.
      As you so beautifully put it where ‘the edges of our words shimmer’

      • I believe that there are places where the lines between the physical and etheric realms are finer, and that the beach is one of them.
        I think they also have opportunities to reconnect with us so we know they are near. I often hear form mine around the anniversaries of their passing.

  3. It´s like he never left us.

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