Weekly photo challenge – Fresh

By: Vicky

Jul 22 2013

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Focal Length:17.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

January 1st – a fresh new year.

A cold frosty morning – is a fresh atmosphere.

The photo above falls into both categories

January 1st 2009 was one of those cold frosty days that just beckons you outside, so wrapping up well, we jumped into the motor and set off for Cleeve Hill.

I have walked on Cleeve Hill in all weathers and it never fails to lift my spirits.

This day was no different, and after a good brisk walk, or run in LS & J’s case, we all returned home totally refreshed.

Sal and Jasp having fun.

15 comments on “Weekly photo challenge – Fresh”

  1. This is a really remarkable photograph. I find it very compelling.

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  3. Stunning photo and terrific vid V. LS is a fast mover isn’t she?

    We used to love a walk like that on NYD, usually up Rothbury way in the forest, or a beach of course.

    You’ve been faster than me at coming up with a ‘fresh’ pic. Not helped by the fact that I’ve got one interpretation of the word going round in my head that is totally inappropriate!

    I assume that is a grey, but it’s a lovely soft one.

    • Thank you K. 🙂
      Sal isn’t quite as fast these days, but she can still outrun a lot of dogs, I still think there’s some Whippet in there somewhere.
      LOL, I expected grey this time.

      • It wasn’t a bad grey. The only option would have been a feeble pale gold which might have been worse.

        I don’t know about LS. Collies are pretty fast anyway when they need to be. J looks more like Pippa, Mr Plods. Except Pippa moves hellish fast when he wants. I was always amazed how agile he was when we used to take him up to the bull and he would wander up there like a mountain goat! Big dogs eh?

        • It is amazing how fast a big dog can move when they want to.
          In the video, that was Jasp’s normal pace, but he held another gear in reserve for squirrels and rabbits, the latter of which he caught on a couple of occasions, much to my disgust.

          • That is too funny. Pippa to a T.

            Calm and serene – until – zmmmmmmmm. Pippa has not acquired squirrels or rabbits, but he does a nice line in cats (as everyone knows) and rats. I guess they conserve their energy for essentials.

  4. It looks so snowy and crisp… yes, fresh. New Years Daywe walk also, but on the beach and later in the day. A swim later is refreshing rather than fresh. I love the clip of S&J. I had 2 rottweilers who loved snow but didn’t see much of it. In the snow and chasing rabbits was the most energetic I ever saw them 🙂

    • Your New Years Day is so different to here, it would seem so odd to spend it on a hot beach and swimming, but I guess ours would be strange for you.
      The snow has always brought the best out in all my dogs, charging around like idiots 🙂

  5. What a great shot and loved the video. Looks chilly..brrrr… now I am sitting on top of the heater here because here it’s chilly too..hehehe. Great entry for the challenge Vicky. 😀 *hugs*

    • It was very cold as there was a freezing fog hanging around too, but I love getting all wrapped up and being out on a frosty day.

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  8. a lovely mood here – love the perspective of this photo. and the video made me smile. thanks for sharing.

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