Sonel’s weekly black & white photo challenge – Family

By: Vicky

Jul 19 2013

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Category: Family, photography, Sonel's weekly b/w photo challenge


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Delving into the true black & white era for this week’s Sonel’s black & white photo challenge, this photo is of my maternal grandfather’s family.

I’m guessing that the young boy, between his parents is my grandfather Francis Overton who was born in 1884. He was the youngest of seven children, the eldest sibling being twenty-three years his senior.

I was quite drawn to the fact that the family dog was also included in photograph.

ella frank wedding

ella frank wedding1

Moving on a few years to 16th August 1919, the two photos above are of his wedding to my grandmother Ella.


Moving on even further.

I took this photo a couple of years ago when I visited Hornsea, East Yorkshire.

A big error by the headstone engraver, as Francis died in 1960 according to his death certificate.

8 comments on “Sonel’s weekly black & white photo challenge – Family”

  1. I love these pix Vic. I’m guessing you were hoping for a nice deep colour with the top photo? 😀 Tut tut. DT doesn’t play like that. Did you try them all out? But still, not a totally feeble grey. Can’t remember if I said when I first saw this pic that first front left reminds me of Jodie Foster. I probably did.

    The gravestone is neat. They were similar ages when they died, although different years. I was often gobsmacked when I wandered around churchyards (at A’s behest) to discover how old people were when they died hundreds of years ago! Healthier life? Francis was the same age as my dad who died 40 years after him. I do love the wedding dress in 1919, beautiful. Not me, but beautiful.

    I might post mine up later today when I’ve finished The Tasks 😦

    • I haven’t tried the other pics as headers, but at least I expected grey this time 😉
      Another odd point, although three of the images are scanned, the camera info on the side has picked up on the photo of the gravestone I took with my phone.
      I wonder what the folk in the photo would think to that.

      • I wondered if one of the more sepia toned ones would have used a different tint. My family one will be extremely pale boring grey. But at least there is a dog on the pic 😉

        Is a pic a pic without a dog I ask? Oh, I was looking at G+ and noticed a fantastic photo you had posted a while ago and wondered if it was a golden hour one. The light was beautiful.

        I never noticed the camera info. I only ever tend to look at mine to see what it says, not that it means anything! Old brain can not compute f stops and apertures and all that any more.

        I can imagine DT greedily grasping whatever camera info it can. Boring old scanned photos here, nothing for me to Halregurgitate. OOOOH! a photo with info, I’ll have that one and write it up.

        I tell you. Hal has taken over the world. Although possibly Hals are better than other alternatives.

  2. A stunning family photo and quite a history I see. 😀 Great entry for the challenge and thanks so much for taking part. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

  3. Beautiful old photos, and stunning family. You come from good stock, as they say! The wedding photos are gorgeous, such detail and flowers. It looks like a happy wedding. So many old wedding photos I see dour expressions but not your grandparents. It’s wonderful you have these photos.

    • Thank you ED 🙂
      There are a few dour faces in the wedding group 😉
      I think a lot of that may have been because folk had to stay posed for several seconds in those days, and a smile is harder to keep posed than a relaxed face.
      Yes, I am lucky to have these photos. I have others too, and there are certain faces that keep cropping up, I know of them as I’ve done some family history research, but it’s a guessing game who is who.

  4. thanks for sharing this, Vicky. old photos have a special appeal, don’t they? and how lovely that a dog was included.

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