Weekly Photo Challenge – Golden Hour

By: Vicky

Jul 18 2013

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Category: photography, The Golden Hour, Weekly Photo Challenge


Focal Length:13.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Sunset at Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Even more unusual, as this Golden Hour at Hunstanton is on Britain’s east coast.

I was alone on the beach to witness this truly magical moment, and it is something which I have found impossible to put into words.

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Golden Hour”

  1. Ah Ms Golden at last!! Glorious sky eh? I do remember a few from childhood but nothing as vivid as that. Did you post that before on V’s Ps or not? I don’t remember seeing it but that means nothing 😀

    What are the railings in the water??

    • LOL, I was beginning to think DT was forever grey.
      No, I don’t think this was in the sunset post.
      Difficult to tell because they’re in silhouette, but they are wooden breakwaters in the water.

      • Well breakwaters have obviously changed since I went to the beach!

        Perhaps forever grey is the new forever autumn?

        I didn’t remember the pic but that with my memory ….

        Have you seen Sonel’s latest? I just mailed you about it. Trouble is, I can’t find my photo album with the perfect pic 😀

  2. Reflected sunrise and sunsets are unbeatable. I saw a reflected sunrise a few weeks ago, but of course I was out walking and only had my phone camera. Your image is fantastic. I love the suggestion of a moment stopped but not movement, in the roll of the water and the silhouette of the breakwaters 🙂

    • Thank you ED 🙂
      That’s usually my trick to not have my camera with me, but on this occasion, being on holiday and a stones throw from the beach, I grabbed it and ran.
      I was rewarded by being able to capture what was one the most magical moments of my life.

  3. […] Weekly Photo Challenge – Golden Hour | Pic a colour 4 Me […]

  4. […] Weekly Photo Challenge – Golden Hour | Pic a colour 4 Me […]

  5. so nice! am enjoying this view.

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