Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

By: Vicky

Jul 14 2013

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Category: Dogs, photography, The Golden Hour


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Treasure every Golden Hour you have……nothing lasts forever.

Jasper and in the distance Little Sal at Dovers Hill on a cold February day in 2010.

Did I really expect to get anything other than grey from Duotone 🙄

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour”

  1. LOL at the grey! Just, despite everything and Jasp, I couldn’t help laughing.

    I did think a Jasp post would suit the theme, and you didn’t let me down. And neither did DT 😀

    The colour and the warmth is beautiful so WTF is it grey?

    Can’t believe that pic is more than three years old 😦

    Gorgeous glow, and goes without saying, gorgeous Jasp.

    Golden hour, sometimes feels like a golden minute. Here today and gone tomorrow.

    Lovely memory of Jasp.

    • I thought I might have got a creamy colour, but DT seems intent for me to be Ms Grey.
      It’s frightening when I look back and see how fast time has moved on.

      • Haha Ms Grey. A bit like I was surprised to get a rich brown colour for my comp post. Thought it would have been grey or creamy as you say. The fun of DT?

        Time moves ever faster as we get older 😦 and you are older than me 😀

  2. The grey displays quite nicely on my screen, it’s sort of warm and mauve-y, and contrasts nicely with the glow of the snow and the sky. A truly beautiful photo.
    I was thinking the same thing, treasure the time as it goes so quickly, when I read your Jasper post. I know I forgot-overlooked my Bo, Bad and Jack wouldn’t be there forever. Losing them took me quite by surprise.

    • I do think we all take for granted each new day, instead of living it as if it were our last. It doesn’t seem five minutes ago since I took the photo, and at that time, it never crossed my mind that I’d be looking back at it three years later with a longing to re-live it 😦

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  4. […] Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour | Pic a colour 4 Me […]

  5. what’s up with the grey? a number of my recent travel posts are sitting on grey as well. hmmm…
    in any case, a lovely moment here. i love the light brightening up the snow, and J’s sweet face…. thanks for sharing.

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