Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable

Companion…..well I’m going for multiples here, how can I choose one from these canine companions.

You can tell them all your woes, they’ll sit and listen, then with a knowing nuzzle of a wet nose they are there to support you.

They’ll never judge your actions, they’re always happy to see you, they don’t care what you look like…….

……..I could go on, but anyone who has had the honour to live with a dog will know exactly what I mean when I say they are the best companions ever.

And those who dislike dogs have probably chosen not to read this post anyway.

Clockwise from top left:

HugehappyhairyHarry – a rescue I adopted in 1999 aged 2-3 years old. d.2008

Bendog – a puppy from a local farm 1984 – 1999

Little Sal – a rescue I adopted in 2007 aged approx 6 years old.

Jasper Big Dog – a rescue I adopted in 2008 aged approx 7 years old.

It is with great sadness that I have to announce since writing this post, Jasper has left for Rainbow Bridge.

17 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable”

  1. Furry companions are the best… no judging, always accepting and oh so easy to please.

  2. In Australia our dogs are included amongst our “mates” I did a bit of online research to support this, and found a few choice passgaes about mates that could equally apply to canine as well as human… “In Australia, a ‘mate’ is more than just a friend. It’s a term that implies a sense of shared experience, mutual respect and unconditional assistance.” and “A mate is the one person who will come, sit and yarn with you when everyone else has turned their back. A mate is the epitome of the Good Samaritan. He will stick by you through thick and thin. And when you keel over in the heat of the outback and die he will dig your grave in the stony ground, mourn your passing, deliver your mementos to your family and see that they are cared for… Mateship has four strong supporting pillars; Integrity, Humility, Fairness and Perseverance. Mateship can’t last if any of the pillars is missing.”
    Harry, Ben, Jasp and Sal… mates 🙂

  3. I could only think of dogs for this one too, so I haven’t got around to doing it. Might do. Isn’t it odd how Jasp and H mirror each other’s images on this selection? It’s a beautiful collage, so nicely put together. Although DT clearly didn’t want to be manipulated into a soft golden brown type background 😀 It’s a nice frame too, reflects the colouring so well, I wonder if using a tinted background might have made DT relent? At this point, I think it’s becoming GreyTone on your blog!

    • In my mind your reply echoes the fact that there is only one true companion.

      Yes I was a bit spooked by the resemblance of H & Jasp.

      I read a book recently ( a very short one, you’d probably read it in five minutes), called Connected Souls

      At the time of reading it, I kept thinking of H & J.
      Even more so now.

    • I meant to add, yes I was very disappointed with DT this time. I expected grey with a b/w pic, but not on a collage with a dominating tan colour.
      I even tried to help it along with the border, without any joy 😦

  4. Absolutey stunning collage of the gorgeous furry kids Vicky! I totally agree with you. They make the best companions ever! Great take on the challenge hon. 😀 *hugs* to all of you.

  5. What a lovely tribute to the four dogs who own you, I mean the four dogs that keep you company. :O)
    They are lovely, and now their beautiful spirits will live forever!

    • Thank you for popping by and taking time to comment.
      I’m afraid since writing this post, Jasper has now joined Ben and Harry at Rainbow Bridge 😦

  6. while i disagree vehemently with DT’s background choice, the photo collage is lovely. such sweet pups, all of them. i am getting at this backwards as i try to catch up, so i had already learned about J at your other blog. am sure you must miss him. but what wonderful memories you must have, too.

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