Sonel’s black & white photo challenge – Nature

By: Vicky

Jun 22 2013

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Category: Nature, photography, Sonel's weekly b/w photo challenge


Focal Length:17.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

After reading on Restlessjo’s Six Word Saturday post about a new Weekly photo Challenge run by Sonel I decided to take part.

This swan was photographed on a recent holiday I had in Charmouth Dorset.

Non too happy by having two humans and three dogs watching, seconds after taking this shot, he rose out of the waterΒ in a show of dominance, hissing and flapping his enormous wings around.

Perhaps cheating a little, the original taken in colour with my Ixus compact camera, was changed to B/W in Photoshop.

23 comments on “Sonel’s black & white photo challenge – Nature”

  1. Vicky, that’s an absolutely fabulous shot! It works wonderfully in black and white. Thanks for the mention. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jo πŸ™‚

      When I did my C&G we were told how to view the world in b/w, looking at the light, shape, contrast, pattern and texture of the subject.
      Certain colours will look the same shade of grey, which is why they don’t work in b/w.
      Following the b/w rules, the swan just happened to be a perfect shot to change.

  2. This is an absolutely stunning shot Vicky! I love it! You’ve captured the swan so well and I don’t think even a coloured photo would compliment it so well as what you did here. Thanks for taking part. An excellent entry for sure. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Sonel πŸ™‚
      I love b/w phototography, so your challenge is a really good one to partake in.

      • I am very glad to hear that Vicky. There are not many fans out there on b/w photography and I’ve always wanted to start something like this but never had enough courage. LOL! I am glad I had the guts to start it and more than happy because I never thought so many do like it. Thanks again for your lovely partake in it hon. Much appreciated. πŸ˜€ Our challenge for Tuesday is going to be : Neighbourhood. πŸ˜€ *hugs*

  3. Stunning. This image works beautifully in B&W and the subject fully does it justice. I love the symmetry and the reflection & ripples in the water. Clever capture. I was admiring the swans in the pics of your holiday posts. The white swans always remind me of swans in the fairy tale books when I was little. Swans look lovely and elegant can be awe inspiring when they show their fierce side πŸ™‚ Your swan pic has made me very happy this morning.

  4. I love that photo Vicky. Shame that with DT you can’t blow them up to see them even bigger. The reflection is beautiful. I have a similar one with Annapurna (Nepal) reflected in a lake. OK, not as good as yours and totally different subject but you get the idea.

    I think this works because the white stands out so much. I always think it is interesting to see b/w and then wonder what the colour version looked like. I always loved your b/w canal photos. Excellent.

    Sonel’s comment is interesting. Don’t most photographers – ie real ones – prefer b/w? I must dig out a class one from my reporting days where I was captured on Ye Olde Fashioned Film by one of our newspaper reporters.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      I have noticed that annoying fact about DT, plus all this photo challenge will be grey too 😦
      You are right about the white, anything with contrasting colours makes turning to b/w easy.
      I’d love to see both your images, your own as well as the reporter’s.

      • Mine of Annapurna were more about the reflection but there is too much colour as I remember for it to be an effective contrast. Just a nice pic of the Himalayas really (she adds nonchalantly as though everyone goes there regularly on holiday). I liked Nepal.

        I said reporter, I actually meant photographers. Natch back then it was in the days of b/w and develop it yourself in the darkroom. I used to like wandering up there and chatting with them and watching them work – bit like you and your grandfather.

        On our last paper we even – shock, horror – had a woman photog who was pretty good to my untrained eye. We also had an ex Fleet St one who was good too, nice bloke as well. Anyway, I’d gone on a job with one of them, and the toerag sneakily took a pic of me when I wasn’t watching πŸ˜€ Not sure where it is. In with my cuttings book perhaps?

        • You’ve obviously got an eye for b/w, from your comment about colour and contrast, you know what to look for πŸ™‚

          You mentioned something there that even when I started work in the photographic trade was still happening.
          Men would come into the shop, totally ignore me, nodding over to my manager.
          On one occasion, my manager, asked one what his problem was with me helping him, his reply was ‘well she’s a woman’ my manager replied with, ‘she’s as knowledgeable as the rest of us, and I’m busy’ then continued to dust the cameras that were on display.
          The man walked out.

  5. love this composition. as graceful as it is, that is not a happy bird. those eyes are so telling. that must have been quite a sight to see it showing everyone who was the boss!

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