Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves

By: Vicky

Jun 14 2013

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


The six copper stills of Caol Ila (pronounced cull-eela) whisky distillery on Islay.

The distillery dating from 1846, was rebuilt in 1974, which is when these copper stills, exact replicas of the original stills were installed.

Apparently the different shape of stills of the Islay distilleries aids the unique flavour each distillery has.


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Curves”

  1. I actually thought about posting some distillery photos – some like yours and some of the interiors of the vats, etc.

  2. Great idea for curves. The stills are organic in appearance but otherworldly, it’s appropriate they create beautiful and unique whisky. The G.O. approves 🙂

  3. Oh that’s an interesting one, I thought, reading caol ila on Reader, before I noticed whose blog it was! I should have realised if it was Islay who would have posted it. I don’t remember going round any of the Islay ones, one or more were mothballed at the time, Ardbeg I think, and I’m not sure Caol Ila was open for tours either. I think we went round the Talisker one on Skye. I made sure I became an expert on Islay whiskies however. My favourites, along with Jura. Not Laphraoig I add quickly, and you have to be in the right mood for Lagavulin too. I like the three Bs though (saves writing them out). Bought a bottle of class CI for a friend’s 40th. He looked most impressed saying it was his favourite, which I had no idea about. Either way, I just figured it was a decent whisky and as he wasn’t short of money it was about the only thing I could think of for a man with discerning taste.

    I digress. I love the photo. Clearly DT doesn’t approve of whisky though. Do we get a warm rich coppery glow or a lovely mellow golden whisky colour? No.

    • LOL, you know me too well 🙂
      It was the Fèis Ìle week when we visited, when all the distilleries open their doors for tours.
      We visited every one 🙂 I knew little about malt whisky before that, but left quite knowledgeable, and with a taste for it 😉
      My favourite has to be Bunnahabhain though.
      I expect your friend was very impressed with your choice of gift.

      • Now, visiting every one in Islay would be a dream come true! We bought a bottle of Bunna to take around the isles with us when we were camping for a late night drink!

        I don’t know which I like best. Bunna is very smooth and an easy drink, Bowmore is similar, but I do like Bruichladdich. And Jura. I owe you a mail. Will get right on it.

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