Weekly Photo Challenge – In the background


This is a self portrait photo of my maternal grandfather.

In the background is another photo he took, one of me aged about four at a guess.

A photographer by trade, who when I was a child used to allow me into his darkroom, while he performed ‘magic’ in the developing trays.

I used to sit under his desk and play with the rolls of yellow paper, and discarded reels from the 120 roll film he used.

Could this be where I got my interest in photography?

He died when I was nine years old, constantly chain smoking, the big C  got the better of him.



8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – In the background”

  1. Class photo Vic. So evocative of the era. Nice choice for the theme too, which needless to state has eluded me 😀 Mine were well dead before I was nine years old. One from emphysema/bronchitis and no idea about the other – heart attack maybe Who knows? I’ll never find out now.

    • Thank you 🙂 When I saw this week’s challenge, I went blank too, then this photo suddenly sprung to mind. I have actually got the photo of me somewhere too 🙂

  2. Wonderful photo. I love that your photo is in the photo of him. I’m guessing your grandfather definitely influenced your interest in photography. They are great memories. My Pa died when I was 9 too, he was a smoker but it wasn’t that that he died from. Times have changed so much medically, in this era they would have probably lived much longer.

    • Thank you.
      I’m sure you’re right about his influence, when I was doing my photography C&G I had a darkroom under my stairs, and developing my own photos, my mind often drifted back to the time in his darkroom.

  3. How very special! Did you inherit his skill at photography?!

  4. what a great image – and story. a great mood here. am sure you inherited your photogenes from your grandfather 🙂
    i met two of my grandparents – my paternal grandfather in Germany when i was a teenager and he suffered from dementia, so i don’t expect he ever remembered meeting me. and i met my maternal grandmother in Canada when i was 2. she stayed here for a year and i actually have a couple of distinct memories from that visit, even though i was only 3 when she left. a very kind, sweet, gentle woman with lots of time for her grandkids. apparently i mentioned that i missed her for a number of years after she had already returned to Germany again.
    one day i will have to dig up a photo from her visit. 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, grandparents can make a big impact on us when we’re young.
      I used to spend most of the school summer holidays in Hornsea with mine, probably where my love of the coast comes from.

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