Weekly Photo Challenge – from above

Paris 1992/3 The exact year has slipped my mind.

I can’t find the prints, not that it would help much if I could, as I’m as guilty as my relatives of old, for not writing any information on the reverse.

This is scanned from a negative, which I had safely stored away in acid free files, with hundreds of others – again without dates. I really am my own worst enemy.

A friend who I worked with at the time was going to visit her daughter.

Her daughter was a nanny to two small children, she had her own flat attached to the rather posh house where the French family lived.

Cath, my friend hadn’t wanted to travel alone, so I jumped at the chance when she asked if I’d like to go with her.

We had a Thursday to Monday whirlwind tour of all the famous sights of Paris, travelling everywhere on the Paris Metro.

Looking down on Paris from above, this photo was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The Arc De Triomphe can be seen in the distance.

It’s not always possible to go to the very top of the tower, high winds often prevent this, for safety reasons, but we were lucky, the weather was beautiful for the whole break.

We also did a bit of time travel too. The return flight took 55 minutes, with mainland Europe being one hour ahead of the UK, we arrived back at Birmingham international airport five minutes before we left Paris. 😉

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – from above”

  1. Incredible pic, and great DT colours as well – it’s come out sky blue & slate blue on my screen. I’m not particularly touristy in that I like to examine & linger but if I can find a tall vantage point I love from above, being up high, looking down… a cat’s eye view 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      I do love the surprise when DT chooses the colour, though I was sort of expecting blue this time 🙂
      I’m not really into the city touristy thing either, though I do think there are one or two cities in the world that cry out to be visited.

  2. Great photo Vicky, and definitely one that would not be in my photo album! I’ve been to Paris a number of times, but the last time was also in the 90s, I was camera free at the time, gelatin and all that. I planned to have a soppy wed ann weekend but couldn’t get a decent flight so we went in September instead. That was probably a rather fortuitous delay as we hit the weekend when all official buildings are open for free 🙂 A hadn’t been before, so we did some of the obvious ones, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, looked at the Eiffel Tower with severe instructions that NO-ONE was going up, then visited a few others that aren’t on the 1,2,3 list – the Conciergerie, the Père Lachaise cemetery, wandered around the Marais area, and spent the last day – Monday – in the Louvre. This was carefully planned as our flight was in the afternoon so it meant we could leave the bags in the museum for the best part of the day instead of clarting them round with us 🙂

    With respect to your last comment to EllaDee, I love Amsterdam, Rome and Venice are both worth visiting, Athens for the Parthenon alone, Agra for the Taj Mahal, and obviously Sydney. And I’ll add a totally biased selection now, Madrid comes a close second to Paris – great museums and amazing royal palace, plus you can also get to other places on day trips eg Segovia – and the big three of Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla – my fave being Cordoba because of the stunning mosque wiht a cathedral inside.

    If you have some more pix of your Paris trip they would make a great post.

    • Thank you, I did think about you when I posted it, because of the height. Your break was well timed for the freebie building visits 🙂 The cities you mentioned are the ones that spring to mind that I’d like to visit. I nearly made it to Venice when we went to Italy in 1973, but I was expecting, and suffering bouts of morning sickness 😦 so we cancelled the day trip. I have plenty of Paris pics, somewhere in the depths of my photo collection, I really must have another look for them as prints are so much easier to scan than negs.

    • great timing for your visit there! 🙂

  3. oh, that is definitely a view from above. that must have been a wonderful trip! and DT preferred to play the blue game, rather than the grey one. very nice!
    have never been to Paris so far. it does seem to be a fascinating place. Do feel free to post more images of it when you get around to it.
    as cliché as it might sound, NYC is one of those must-see cities in my experience. i was rather surprised that i thought so when i had a very enjoyable whirlwind almost-three-day stay there. The same goes for Rome, Istandbul and St Petersburg as well, although the latter was called Leningrad when I saw it. we do have quite an amazing planet! 🙂
    thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, the blue wasn’t quite what I expected, I thought probably more a beige/grey from the buildings.
      I know many folk who’ve been to NYC and say how fantastic it is, but it has never been somewhere I fancy going, Rome definitely is though.
      I really must search for my Paris pics now 🙂

      • to be honest NYC was never on my ‘to do’ list either. it just happened to work out since I ended up joining 5 friends on a cruise from NYC through the Panama Canal to Acapulco. a cruise was also never on my ‘to do’ list by the way, but that’s another whole long story. in any case, since we were going to be there, we booked a couple of additional days there before the cruise departure so we could explore. my expectations were quite low since i didn’t expect to be fond of such a large city. and i really was very pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was. and at the same time it was quite surprising to see how small Vancouver was in comparison on our return 🙂
        and yet as much as i enjoyed it, my favourite travel destination to date is still the Pacific west coast of Vancouver Island 😀
        no rush and no pressure on the Paris photos! will enjoy them whenever they put in their appearance.

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