Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

By: Vicky

Apr 12 2013

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Focal Length:39mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 600D

Loose change.

All £7.28 of it, that I’ve just emptied from my purse, which if I chose to would buy 5 litres of diesel for my motor, though I doubt I’d get very far.

According to Google at todays rate, it converts to:

Australian Dollar $10.64

Canadian Dollar $11.32

Euro €8.54

US Dollar $11.17

What would you buy with it?

I wonder if I look back at this post in a years time, how much this information will change.

13 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Change”

  1. $10.64 would get us a small cup of coffee each, and maybe a small sweet treat to share 🙂 Or, maybe a second hand book, a bottle of so-so wine if it was on sale, a small bag of coffee beans… like your diesel, not much in dollar terms. I know it will buy me lunch as I usually keep about the same in gold coins in the back of my purse for emergencies.

    • When I went to Oz in 2002 the cost of living was a lot cheaper, but it sounds very similar to here now, though we often get some brilliant discounted deals on quality Australian red wine at around £5 a bottle.

  2. How odd. I thought I was seeing double http://wp.me/p1rJzu-fA

    Super photo, lovely warm colours. I see you are trying out the new camera!

    I wonder if I should use the change in my Easter cactus for this one? I’ll probably go for something obvious like buildings. Or Land Rovers. If I get around to doing it.

    What did you use for the background, looks really good.

    Diesel is around a quid a gallon here, sometimes slightly more, or slightly less.

    We have a Gib mint here, so some different coins believe it or not, a bit like our stamps.

    Did you do that pic on an auto setting or manually?

    • LOL, very odd, I certainly didn’t pinch the idea, loose change was the first thing that came to my mind.
      I haven’t really done much with my new camera since I bought it, I’ve a bit too much going on in my life at present to go out taking pics, but I thought it would be good to try this challenge with it.
      It was set on ‘P’ which although the camera still chooses the settings there is a little more leeway to change things if needed, though I let the camera decide everything.
      The background? No fancy desgner backdrops there…….it is my iPad’s cover, which was the first thing that came to hand LOL.
      Jeez, that is cheep diesel, or should it say a litre? It fluctuates here too, but at the moment it is £1.43.9 per litre, I often wonder what would happen if I bought one litre and requested my .1p change (tight Tyke 😉
      The Gib mint sounds interesting, you’ll have to post some pics of the coins.
      A series of pics of the changing cactus?…a great idea.

      • It is interesting that you both posted such similar pix in a short space of time.

        Being a Canon, I assume the P is P for Programme. I’ve only just started using the P setting on mine 😀 I knocked it from auto to P accidentally and decided to play around with it!

        You spotted the not remotely deliberate error. Yes it is the litre price. Mind you a few years ago it was half the price. But the govt scrapped road tax and put up the fuel price, which was sensible in a way as Gibbos don’t use much fuel to travel vast miles around the Rock, but people who live in Spain do come in to fill up. So it was basically to the benefit of those of us who live here 🙂 and at the expense of people who live in Spain.

        You can’t buy much for £7.28 here, although you could probably get a bottle of spirit, or loads of fags (neither of which is of use to us), or a few veg.

        As for the euro price I could buy a week’s worth of veg from my village shop for that though.

        Did you know Hal has a currency converter on his widget dashboard thing? A bit like the camera I only discovered that recently. I can send you a screen shot if you can’t find it. Hal also tells me it is rainy in Redditch. Sunny here, currently 12 allegedly but we’re into the 20s by the afternoons now. I can see me lusting for autumn already 😀

        • Yes, P is program mode. I wish the UK would ‘change’ road tax and put the cost on the fuel, by doing that, those who use the roads more end up paying more. We did approx 10,000 miles in our vehicles last year at a cost of £565 (motorhome 2,000/£220, Discovery 4,000/£220, Yaris 4,000/£125). Compare that to the sales rep who probably drives in excess of 50,000 pa with an average road tax of £140-75. It is highly unlikely the government will change looking at those figures 😦 Not being a smoker, I’ve just looked up the price if 20 fags here 😮 they’re almost £8 a packet!! 😮 😮

          Ha! I forgot Hal’s widget. Beautiful blue skies at 7.30 this morning, though its now overcast, so looks like he could be correct about the rain. 😦

  3. What a great idea for the theme! 😀

  4. looks like we had similar ideas for this challenge, and we ended up prompting DT to produce similar colours! 🙂
    Canadian $11.32? That would buy just under 7.5 L of diesel fuel here, or pay for two latte’s with some change left over, or for one movie ticket, or it would cover the cost of a generous portion of veggies at the local market.

    • forgot to say – a nice click with your new camera! haven’t used mine much lately either.

    • I’ve just popped over to read yours, an excellent post 🙂 and yes, very similar colours too.
      You too have cheap diesel, I need to move to Canada or Gibraltar 😉
      Veggies? easy a week’s supply for two here too.
      I’ve no idea on the movie ticket, the last time I went to the cinema was to see Babe 😀 but the coffees sound about the same.

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