Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense

Future tomatoes……well hopefully that is.

I started the seeds a couple of weeks ago…….the sun was shining, we had temperatures into double figures and it really felt like spring was on the way.

I erected my little plastic greenhouse in preparation for when the seedling were big enough, but at present they are on a west facing window ledge in my spare bedroom.

They could be there longer than I anticipated, if you look through the window, you can probably see the four inches of snow we woke up to this morning,  it appears spring has gone back to sleep again.

The seeds just peeping through on the left are ‘hopefully’ future sweet peppers.

Photo taken with iPhone 4


9 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense”

  1. wow, that’s a lot of snow! and your seedlings look delightful. all the best to you and your weather! 🙂

  2. Those tomatoes are looking exceedingly good Vic. Not one of my successes 😦 which is a pain as we use so many of them. Maybe I should have another go this year. I’ve managed peppers though, and I’ve got two chillie plants at the moment, which needless to state were a gift from next door. Do you collect seeds btw for more crops in future? Chillies work pretty well for that, so I guess peppers and maybe toms would.

    Good to see a nice fresh springtime green here. You and p&k have done well for the greens while I am still in the grey doldrums.

    • That is really odd, you are so green fingered too.
      Now me, I’m not at all into gardening, but I’ve had a lot of success with tomatoes. It’s the weather that’s the problem, hence a couple of years ago I bought myself a plastic greenhouse.
      I have collected seeds from previous crops, but the ones above are from a packet I bought.
      Yes, the green is nice, I was half expecting grey from the seed tray and soil. 😉

  3. Hope the seedlings will bear many tomatoes! And that summer will arrive as well!

  4. Great contrast of tomato sprouts and snow. And, I love the green DT bestowe upon you. My Dad gave me tomatoes last weekend, he had a late producing plant… anything goes it seems in the current climate, which on the east coast of Australia is very warm still 🙂

    • If this weather continues, they’ll be growing indoors 😮
      Send some of your warm weather this way, it is bitterly cold here. I’ve just heard the wind chill factor recorded in Worcester was -11c

      • I keep thinking of the UK & US bloggers I follow, and trying not to be ungrateful for our unusually warm start to Autumn but we did so enjoy those few cooler evenings and mornings. I’d be happy to share. Not sure I could cope with -11 windchill 😦

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