How does your garden grow


The recent wet miserable weather we’ve been having, hasn’t given us much encouragement for the adventures we were having this time last year when I became time rich, hence not many photographs have been taken.

A recent mail conversation with a friend,  prompted me to start looking through old photos. I don’t mean my old photos, but old family photos from years ago.

I have literally hundreds of them, probably aided by the fact that my granddad was a professional photographer, though some go back even before his photography days.

Anyway, I stumbled across this photo.

Who is it? ………

………A poor neglected waif?

………A refugee from some foreign fields struggling to grow crops in the stony ground?

Nah! it’s a photo that my granddad took………

……..of me, aged about two I’d guess 😆

I don’t know about growing cabbages, I think I resemble one of those cabbage patch dolls that were popular a few years ago 😉

Have a laugh, and comment all you want…..I was in hysterics when I found it 😆

7 comments on “How does your garden grow”

  1. I love it, but you know that anyway. You look older than two though. Or I wouldn’t have liked to be 2-yr-old roughseas arguing with Vicky at two.

    Bohemia without a doubt. Or somewhere in Eastern Europe.

    Top tip though. Do try and water the plants and not the stones.

  2. LOL, I do look a bit of a bruiser don’t I?

  3. Aw Vicky, this is wonderful! I hope everything grew as it should. You certainly seemed very determined to see that it did so! 🙂
    I had shoes something like that, too. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this smile!

  4. You look like a little doll! This fantastic. I love your look of concentration and tiny clenched fist clenched so you could water just so. What a fabulous moment to have captured. I hope you think of 2 year old you and smile, whenever you water the garden 🙂

    • 😆 yeah, a cabbage patch DOLL 😆 😆

      I noticed the fist too, isn’t it funny the things we do when concentrating? I have a habit of sticking my tongue out nowadays when in deep concentration.
      I have many hilarious photos……perhaps some more posts to follow 🙂

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