Phoneography Challenge – My Neighbourhood.

By: Vicky

Mar 09 2013

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Category: My Neighbourhood, Phoneography Challenge, photography


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A dull grey damp morning with no sign of the recent spring like weather from earlier in the week.
This bridge over the local brook was part of this mornings walk with the dogs.
It wasn’t too long ago the only way to the other side was either to slide down the bank and step gingerly onto the enormous, but very slippery stone in the middle, or follow the dogs who would leap across. Either way the risk of ending up with wet feet was quite high 😮
Photo taken with iPhone4

9 comments on “Phoneography Challenge – My Neighbourhood.”

  1. Nice pic Vic, not sure my iPhone/me can do such clear ones, although a few have been ok. Might have a look in the archives though, as I’m sure I’ve got shedloads from Gib and Spain. I’m sure it should be a new pic, but who cares?

    Brilliant DT colour, you can see where it has come from, but isn’t this the best when it is so surprising? Could just as easily have come out grey.

    • Yes, I agree it is a beautiful colour, I actually said WOW when I saw it, as like you said, I was half expecting grey.
      I don’t think it has to be a new pic, does it? This is one of the few pics I’ve taken especially for a challenge, I usually dig into my archives too.

  2. Great challenge. I love the glimpse into distant neighbourhoods 🙂

    • That is exactly how I feel too, the insight into the neighbourhoods of others countries is so interesting. The style of the houses, the vegetation, the weather etc.

  3. Very nice, Vicky! It captures the mood of the day, as you described it.

  4. wow! love this colour Vicky! how did you manage that? DT is full of surprises, as always.
    and how lovely to have a bridge here now. i can imagine that makes life a bit simpler for everyone and everydog, even the small ones 🙂

    • LOL, DT is weird isn’t it?
      The bridge is great, but Cindy had trouble crossing it, the slats on the floor are wide enough for her little legs to drop through, so we ended up carrying her 🙂

      • oh wee Cindy, poor thing! i didn’t realize the slats were so wide apart. but then for her they probably didn’t need to be too wide to become a navigational hazard. guess she was very happy to be on the other side 🙂

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