Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in Detail

By: Vicky

Mar 03 2013

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Category: Lost in Detail, photography, Weekly Photo Challenge


Focal Length:22.21875mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Looking through the raindrops on my lounge window, this is a photo of Mr Plod, my old Series III Land Rover.

Lost behind the detail of the raindrops, or lost in the raindrops?

Well both 😉 If you look carefully into the raindrops, he is there too!

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in Detail”

  1. Mr Plod ?! LOL. Great post 🙂

    • Thank you for looking in and commenting 🙂
      Most of my motors, past and present have been given names. Mr Plod was named Detective Sergeant Landy from the letters in his reg plate, but abbreviated to Mr Plod……..he did plod along too.

  2. An amazing photo. The detail of the drops are so clear, I felt like I should get a cloth to wipe my computer screen! I love the shapes and colours in the background 🙂

    • Thank you ED 😆 your comment about wanting to wipe your computer screen gave me a chuckle.
      For such a dull rainy day, I was quite surprised how colourful it looked.

  3. so fun! very creative, and cheerful too.
    when i saw this on the reader, i certainly did not expect this background colour from DT!

    • Yes, I thought exactly the same, where on earth did THAT colour come from!
      It was so unexpected, but that’s what I love about DT 🙂

  4. Love this, what an original and unique interpretation. The drops are perfect and reflecting Mr Plod back in them is excellent. Nice blurring effect or whatever the technical term is.

    • I thought Mr Plod would attract your eye 😉
      I wont go into boring detail, but the effect is all to do with apertures and depth of field, though I was totally surprised with the result as it was taken with my old Ixus compact camera in auto mode.

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