Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination

Sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows illuminates the interior of Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire.

These images are taken with a 35mm Fuji Sensia colour reversal film scanned into my computer.

Pershore Abbey is quite small, and has a lovely atmosphere, unlike a lot of religious building, which although I love the architecture, I often find very overpowering.

It has a long history dating back to 689. More information can be found on the Pershore Abbey website.

7 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination”

  1. What a breathtaking photo V. That’s just beautiful.

    And what a lovely abbey, great website with so many different pix of the abbey. It’s so small that it’s quite cute! Doesn’t sound like the belfry tour would be one for me 😀

    Funny we both used a church (us not being religious types) and that illuminated christ is a bit like the illuminated cross on my pic. And not dissimilar colours either.

    Isn’t the vaulted roof just gorgeous, and the arched windows too? Is all the light sunlight? Or is there electric light too?

    And – what’s colour reversal film please?

    • Thank you 🙂
      The abbey is beautiful, I spent many times there photographing it when I was doing my C & G.
      Reversal film is the correct name for slides. I chose that media because I was photographing a lot of stained glass windows, it worked perfect, (being window like itself) and gave plenty of depth, unlike print film which I always think looks very flat.
      I’m quite surprised how the feeling of depth has come across with the scanned image. 🙂
      I can’t remember exactly as it was about fifteen years ago, but I was convinced it was all sunlight as I remember thinking what a beautiful glow it gave, but perhaps it was helped by artificial light.
      I thought the same about religion and church buildings too, but like you, I do appreciate the architecture.

  2. oh wow, what a beautiful place. i am a fan of vaulted ceilings and arches and architecture that predates my grandparents’ grandparents’ grandparents. we may have ancient trees on this side of the Atlantic, but the architecture on your side is superb. thank you for sharing! and nice one, DT!

    • I was quite struck with the whole building, and took many B/W ones of the exterior too. I must dig them out 🙂
      I don’t think anything remains except the footings of the original structure, due to past fires, but there must still be many many grandparents ‘grandparents’ passed through.

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