Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate

By: Vicky

Dec 14 2012

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Focal Length:7.564mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Hoar frost ………..It is powerful enough to change the landscape, but so delicate that with a tap of the branch it’s gone.

This photo was taken on 7th December  2010, in the same location as, and just six days after the December photo in this video.

Two weeks later it became even colder, when the nearby town of Pershore in Worcestershire recorded almost -19c

It was a bitterly cold month, as information from the Met Office shows:

Provisional figures from the Met Office issued today reveal that December 2010 has become the coldest December across the UK since the national series began in 1910

IMG_2302T’s legs are far from delicate, he still wore his shorts 😮

8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate”

  1. GORGEOUS, Vicky! The tree looks like it’s blooming. The effect against the blue sky is electric!

  2. Just laughing at T in his shorts. I should say something arty about the photo, but the shorts did it…

    I meant to take a photo this weekend at the finca for this one and forgot 😦 Hmm, will have to scratch around in Gib or archives ..

    • LOL, I thought that pic would raise a smile……..he’s bloody loopy if you ask me though.
      He continued wearing shorts throughout that winter too, even in -19c

      • Those temps are unbelievable. I can’t remember anything apart from a few single figures below freezing, certainly not into double figures.

        Your top photo reminded me of some by Melody who has posted a load of snow and frost this winter:


        I feel cold just looking at them!

        Back to the shorts 😉 I came through Málaga yesterday and there were people dressed up for the Arctic, thick winter coats, fur coats, boots. It was 20 degrees. Above, not below. I’m no better though, goretex, high boots, cashmere pullover, scarf etc. It did drop to 16 in Gib though, and there was a cold wind so my over-dressing was def justified.

  3. shorts! oh wow, that is too funny.
    that would be much too cold for me 🙂
    love hoar frost. the extravagance of it, how it covers each branch and twig indescriminately is always so striking.

    • He does get some odd looks and comments.
      The temperature is about 5c at the moment, but we saw someone else in shorts yesterday, I wonder if that chap will still be wearing them if we hit the minus figures again.

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