Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing seasons

Before I retired I worked for a company in the small village of Feckenham, Worcestershire, where the view from the staffroom window looked out over the car park and surrounding countryside.

Watching the seasons change over the months, I decided to take a photograph on the 1st of each month for comparison.

Most of them were taken on the 1st of each month, just the odd one or two when the 1st landed on my day off, which were taken on my next working day.

I put them together in this short compilation.

To save anyone else having to rack their brains like roughseas had to, the music is……… Four seasons in one day – Crowded House.

10 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing seasons”

  1. Wow! Fast with that! Me saw the Disco on the Janpic. Points please 🙂

    Had to laugh at the ‘summer’ July and August pix 😀

    Excellent compilation and superb for this week’s photo challenge. And the music was?? I’ll kick myself when you say, I know.

    • 9 points 🙂 would have given 10, but Dougal is on March too 😉

      LOL yes, July and August the height of the summer and are the wettest ones.

      Four seasons in one day – Crowded House.
      Perhaps I ought to add that to the vid.

      • I noticed him in March but he looked different with the light being different (brighter?) plus of course he was on his own in Jan so star of the show. I can live with nine points 😀

        CH is the Aussie band you used on a different vid isn’t it over on VicsPics?

  2. brilliant, love winfields. i go there every time i’m up visiting my in laws. the regatta boots and jacket i have out here in Bulgaria came from there. and a lot of the kit we got for our van for our 3 month trip earlier this year came from there.

  3. how cool is that! i have some beech trees growing outside the front door that i have many photos of, however they are all random. i have never thought to put them together in sequence, but this is a lovely way to show how the seasons change. thanks for sharing.

  4. […] This photo was taken on 7th December  2010, in the same location as, and just six days after the December photo in this video. […]

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