Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection (4)

By: Vicky

Dec 05 2012

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Focal Length:6.142mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

On reflection, I’m guessing these folk who had to abandon their motors regret driving down this flooded road.

The road now being used by kayaks, is the one from Bidford on Avon to Honeybourne, in Warwickshire, when the river Avon burst its banks during the floods of 2007.

I am standing on the bridge that crosses the river looking towards Honeybourne. There are normally fields on the left and a car park on the right, both became totally submerged.

14 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection (4)”

  1. oh wow, so much water. that doesn’t look like any fun at all for those poor people who were stranded.
    certainly a most original entry for this challenge. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Bidford is a very picturesque town, on our first trip out in the motorhome we parked on the car park for a cuppa. There are a few photos HERE where you can see the river at a more normal height.

      • hard to believe that is the same place! i remember that other post, and the birthday dance. how fun.
        and that pic of T suntanning the sole of his left foot just gave me the giggles. i somehow missed that moment on my original visit 😀

  2. Amazing photo V. And the grey actually sets it off nicely. Like your different take on it – clever.

    I was thinking the flooding has got worse over the years, and then remembered where my mum and dad retired to near Selby and a few minutes walk from the infamous Ouse! One of the streets in the village was called Landings Lane, so I guess there must have been a tiny jetty or something there at one point – but the houses there ALWAYS got flooded. And then the surrounding fields would just be swamped, not just in their village but in the others too. I got the bus one day which was a nice circuitous route and I was surprised the road wasn’t flooded because there were lakes either side of us.

    And of course it was tidal there too, so really interesting to see the different depths depending on when you walked by the river. Nasty vicious looking water though. Not something I would have wanted to fall into. There endeth K’s flood tales.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I did expect grey again, but yes you are right, it works with this pic.
      I remember years ago when my dad eventually got a car, we’d drive to Hornsea, we’d bypass Selby at a place called Sherburn in Elmet, where there was a rickety old toll bridge across a river, I guess that would be the Ouse. I remember heavy flooding in the fields, even then.
      Yes, Landings Lane sort of gives it away there was a jetty or something.
      It’s like all the big rivers though, T can remember the big cargo ships coming up the Severn at Upton when he was a child, there’s only pleasure craft nowadays.

      • Selby had a toll bridge, now gone, the toll not the bridge. Residents could get a pass 🙂 for free transit.

        I don’t remember a bridge at Sherburn at all but sometimes we would by-pass Selby when I was a kid and go via Cawood, which definitely had a rickety old bridge. Used to freak the life out of me, I was convinced it was going to fall to bits every time we went over. ‘Please please don’t go over that horrid bridge,’ I would squeal from the back of the car. It wasn’t toll incidentally, hence tight Yorkshire people going out of their way to use it 😀

        • Aha, now you’ve mentioned it, it was Cawood, we used to go through Sherburn, and my dad would call it the ‘Sherburn route’ that’s why I assumed the bridge was there. Knowing my dad, that would also be the reason we bypassed Selby 😉
          It was definitely a very scary bridge, wooden as I remember it.

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