Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection (2)

This is Mallaig on the north west coast of Scotland.

It was taken in February 2006. I had been to visit an old friend who had moved near Edinburgh. On her recommendation I decided to take a drive up the west coast.

The weather was stunning, albeit a tad chilly and I spent a glorious couple of days exploring the area with my old dog Harry.



9 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection (2)”

  1. Beautiful. I have a similar one (surprise!) but I think it is Tarbet not Mallaig.

  2. another beautiful image. this looks like a must-see place to visit. maybe one day…. 🙂
    DT is being most accommodating for you, by the way. this background looks fantastic. i would have expected a grey colour because of the clouds. i guess you are getting preferential treatment because you are relatively new, so it is easing you in gently 🙂

    • I truly beautiful place, where every other word that came into my mind was WOW!
      Certainly worth a visit if ever you get to the UK.
      I did wonder where DT found this colour, it always surprises me……hence the title of the blog 🙂

  3. […] was greedy then and actually did four posts, see here ONE TWO THREE & […]

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