Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection (1)

By: Vicky

Dec 01 2012

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Category: Dogs, photography, Reflection, Weekly Photo Challenge


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This is a photo of T, little Sal and Harry, on Barmouth beach in Wales.

Our daughters and their partners, along with T, me and three dogs had rented a cottage for a weekend break in January 2008.

The weather was extremely bleak, but it didn’t stop us having some wonderful walks on the beach to blow the post Christmas cobwebs away.

12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflection (1)”

  1. brilliant reflections. what a beautiful place. this reminds me somewhat of the Pacific west coast. Rain or shine, an invigorating place to visit. Sounds like you had a great time! thanks for sharing.

    • I’ve thought exactly the same about the similarities when I’ve looked at some of your photos too, but I guess a beach is a beach, it’s the atmosphere we’re drinking in 🙂
      It’s odd, a grey dull day at home I find quite depressing, but I don’t care what the weather is on a beach, it really lifts me 🙂

      • i so agree. regardless of the weather, an ocean beach is my favourite place to be! some people are similarly inspired by mountains or the forest. while those are beautiful, i would choose a vacation at a beach hands down. 🙂

  2. I thought that was one of my pix when it came up on my Safari new page selection (you know the one with faves and most used etc). It does remind me of the Scar pix I sent you:
    because I remember at the time thinking it would have done equally as well for reflection even though I used it for silhouette.

    But! Shock horror!!!! Where are the shorts?

    • LOL, there is a definite similarity :-). ……..lone man on a beach with two dogs.
      Did you put yours on the blue background, or was that DT?
      I thought you’d comment about the lack of shorts 😉
      I think that was the last winter he wore long trousers as he was continually moaning about his legs feeling restricted.

      • I put the wide blue frame around the actual scanned photo as I was sick of the miserable gloomy tones I was getting from DT, not even as good as this. I finally managed a tiny manipulation to slightly improve the grey/blue.

        I am getting too predictable on the shorts!! Needless to state poorly A is taking out P for the evening walk with his shorts on. (A not P).

        • I half expected grey, as the photo is greyish all over, I don’t think I gave DT much option. I’ve just had an image of Pippa in shorts 😆

  3. Nothing more beautiful than a day at the beach. Awesome reflection!

    • Thank you for dropping by and commenting.
      I agree, nothing better than a day at the beach, immaterial what the weather is 🙂

  4. Finley…

    Like it, have been searching for colour sites today with yandex….

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