Posh frock

By: Vicky

Nov 23 2012


Category: photography


Egged on by Roughseas over on Every picture tells one here is my ‘film star’ mum.

The photographs, taken by my grandfather, are scanned in from slide film. He was a professional photographer, and often received new photographic material to try.

I’m guessing they were taken some time in the 1950’s, as the house, which was my home in Leeds is definitely decorated 1950’s style.

My mum is sat in two different chairs. The brass studs, just visible in the leather chair, I was continually getting told off for pulling them out 😳

The rocking chair was from the ‘posh’ front room. I used to get told off in that one too, for almost rocking it off it’s hinges.

7 comments on “Posh frock”

  1. Brilliant!! And in colour too.

    The white gloves are like aunty audrey’s!

    Love the pose and look in second one, absolutely classic. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Same sort of look as my mum.

    Can I get into the decorating now? Looks like magnolia gloss on the door, brass light switches, feature wallpaper with a border, a slightly embossed wallpaper (argument here about that), rug on top of carpet …..

  2. Oh I forgot, my mum had a diamante necklace like that. It’s mine now 😀

  3. I agree, they’ve both got an elegant pose, and like you said about your photo, when I first saw it I went WOW too.
    Your guess on magnolia is more than likely right, my dad used to do all the decorating and magnolia is a word that sticks in my mind.
    The floor was lino under the rug though, I definitely remember that, as it was so cold to walk on.

    • I think the elegance passed our generation by 😀 but maybe not a bad thing. Chilling with dogs strikes me as better than film star poses.

      The floor under the rug looked like a soft brown carpet, and I remembered lino as being green. But you are right, there were different colour versions.

      This is still just a brilliant post. Have you sent the link to your mum?

      And, those doors look so like the ones in the house I grew up in 😀

  4. was over at roughseas’ everypic and came upon this post. very elegant, your mum, too! thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane 🙂

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